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We at Dog Bath Tub, as internet users ourselves, appreciate your privacy and we in no way seek out, much less use, any direct personal information about any visitor to this website. We do review some data for general analytics use via Google Analytics, but we do not collect any direct personal data for our own use.

As we are an Amazon affiliate site, clicking on any of the Amazon product links on any of our pages may cause a cookie (or cookies) to be attributed to your computer for targeted advertising purposes for Amazon's use. These cookies are not collected for this website's use except for in the case of general, anonymous analytics.

Similarly, we also display Google adsense ads upon the pages of this website. Clicking on these advetisments may also attribute a cookie (or cookies) to your computer for the same reason as mentioned above. And, as above, these cookies are also not collected for this website's use except for general, anonymous analytics. By clicking on these ads you may, however, be directed to an external website. We cannot be responsible for either the content or the privacy policy thereof.

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